The Elev8 Podcast

The Elev8 Podcast

Hosted by Josh Udall and Dalton Parker -- bringing insights in Business, Marketing, and Politics

Recent Episodes

#157 - How are we Going to Pay for it?

June 6, 2023

With so much going on in the province whether it be wild fires, hurricanes, economic strife and the like there is no shortage of issues people have to be worried about. We chat the data breach leaving thousands of Nova Scoti…

#156 - Farewell...

May 30, 2023

Times are changing, globally, locally and within the Elev8 podcast. We talk about the changes to come and the future of the Elev8 podcast, while also giving all of you listeners a proper farewell (for now). Timestamps: Intro…

#154 - Pick A Side!

May 23, 2023

Division politics is taking over. Left vs. Right, Trudeau vs. Poilievre, Trans vs. Anti-Trans, Food vs. Rent. With every decision placing you on one side or the other, is it even possible to avoid controversy in 2023? Times…

Everything is Burning 🔥

May 16, 2023

Canada is on fire, both literally and figuratively. With wildfires raging across Alberta, Trudeau has managed to scorch the Canadian dollar along the way. As the fire makes its way through the country it burns both the truth…

Shocking Truths about Politics in the Police Force

May 8, 2023

Reg joins us for another episode after having a shocking conversation with an off duty police officer. In an environment controlled by politics and malicious procedures, what is the police doing to make a change? In other ne…

Nova Scotia Fights Back: premier Tim Houston Takes on Justin Trudeau

May 1, 2023

As government spending goes to Ukraine and Trudeau’s wage it’s good to see a politician step up against the regime. Tim Houston fights the power, bad credit gets you benefits, the class separation continues, and Josh goes on…

About the Hosts

Philip ClarkProfile Photo

Philip Clark


Philip is a Film student at NSCAD university, bringing his passion and experience in filmmaking and photography to the Elev8 team. Through his fascination with film and creative arts, he offers unique perspectives to the mundane day to day life. Philip is constantly trying to grow as a filmmaker and is excited to see what the future has to offer.

Josh UdallProfile Photo

Josh Udall


Josh has 6 years of experience in the User Experience design space and is passionate about making digital products that are easy for people to use. He started a design firm called Depth in 2020 that focuses on his passion of helping companies build products that resonate with their user base. Josh brings his knowledge of business and design to the podcast to help himself and others grow in their understanding.

Dalton ParkerProfile Photo

Dalton Parker


A Real Estate enthusiast, turned investor! I love learning about the markets, trends, and what people are getting excited about in terms of investing. I run my business with Tenants as my main priority; and I constantly challenge every other Landlord to step up!