Great show

Love the podcast got listening to after seeing your TikToks I’m 30 now and starting to invest in crypto and learning so much about how to invest and make more money to support my family. Love that you guys talk about stuff relevant to the east coast too it’s nice to know what’s going on around Canada but also in our back yards as a New Brunswicker I think it’s great that you guys keep us informed. Thank you for changing my life and everything you guys do keep up the great work.

My weekly indulgence

I adore this podcast. I am 37 years old and finally earning more then $40K a year, since then I have become more interested in investing and money making in general. Your podcast has helped give me the courage to look into investing and making more for myself and especially my family. Thank you for the excellent work

Keep it up!

I came across your podcasts last year and have been a big fan since. I really enjoy listening every Monday. Being from NL, and currently living in NS, I find the topics you guys cover great. As a side note, I was also a fan of the first episode of the year (even though you said it wasn't well recieved) when you went indepth in how to go about starting a business, and had alot of good insite.

April Fools 2022

I listen to you guys on spotify,when that april fools bit started I instantly thought to myself "why didn't they cut this before putting it out?" I honestly thought you guys left it in for the up doots,felt bad for the producer big time. Needless to say I felt relieved and took to laughing when it was revealed to be all a ruse. In general I like the podcast,it's insightful and makes me think sometimes. Keep it up👍