Feb. 14, 2022

A Micro-Dose of Cringe

A Micro-Dose of Cringe

Yeah...that term is 100% made up. Nova Scotia based hip-hop duo Atay & JAX come back on the show to chat how they’ve navigated their music careers through the pandemic, business projects they’re passionate about, and their honest take on characters like GaryVee. It was a wild time of tears, laughter, and chaos. We hope this one will give you some relief and humour to start your week!

Intro - 0:00

Life During the Pandemic - 2:35

Blind React to Surprise Video - 19:00

Tinder Swindler - 24:23

Crypto and NFT Chats - 28:40

The Chaos of Social Media - 35:00

ASMR - 40:00

The Atay & JAX Concert Experience - 45:37

JAX on GaryVee - 51:50

The Bavaria FIFA Gorilla Marketing Campaign - 57:30