Aug. 1, 2022

Are We in a Recession?

Are We in a Recession?

As the events around the world continue to roll out we provide a Market Update in terms of what’s going on with Real Estate, and global financial markets. We additionally chat about the Biden administration denying the reality of us being in a recession, huge layoffs in tech, politicians twerking for re-election, and we debate the age ole question of “Should you tip?”. We hope you enjoy your beautiful August long weekend as you listen to us on the way to your destination!

Articles for Reference

  • Market Update - General and Real Estate

  • Shopify Layoffs

  • Tiara Mack running for re-election as a State Senator in Rhode Island

  • Biden Denies the Recession


Intro - 00:00

Market update - 10:07

Shopify layoffs - 24:00

#TwerkForRe-Election - 35:06

Biden Insists there is no recession - 40:28

Tipping culture in delivery apps - 50:20

Neema Nav's Comedy Tour - 56:15