Feb. 6, 2023

EVERYTHING is Going UP! How Do We Adjust?

EVERYTHING is Going UP! How Do We Adjust?

With the recent rate Hike happening to Nova Scotians power bill we discuss the ramifications it might have on our society. We also touch on the huge profits made by major companies such as Exxon as well as Nestle pulling frozen goods from Canadian stores, will Maple Syrup be the only product left on the shelf?


Intro - 00:00

NS Power Rate Hike - 13:55

Exxon Announces Huge Profits - 37:35

Nestle Stops Selling Frozen Food to Canada - 47:40

Decrease In College Enrolment - 52:35

The Maple Syrup Cartel - 57:00


Canadian Maple Syrup Cartel show  - Dirty Money , Netflix

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