June 27, 2022

Government Internet Censorship is Here

Government Internet Censorship is Here

A LOT of crazy news hit us this past week. One of the big pieces of news was that Bill C-11 is 95% the way of being passed into law. We address what the bill is, the core issues we find with it, what it means for Canadians, and how it will affect Canadian content creators moving forward. Additionally we talk the Non-Profit sector stepping up to help with affordable housing, housing market updates, and AI sentience officially going main stream. This week is spicy ride an we’re happy to have you join us!

Bill C-11 https://www.parl.ca/legisinfo/en/bill/44-1/c-11   

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Intro - 00:00

Bill C-11 - 13:20

Non for profit housing - 36:00

House pricing will not going down - 45:42

Weird Tik Toks & AI Sentience - 41:40