Dec. 13, 2021

How Do We Navigate Big Tech & Big Government?

How Do We Navigate Big Tech & Big Government?

This week we chat Elon Musk wanting to put micro chips in our brains, Jeff Bezos listening to everything we do, and the Government raising our cost of living. We hit many hot button topics including the recent talks about a crack down on Vax Passes in Nova Scotia. If you’re interested in some spice this week then we got you covered.

Correction: We wanted to issue a correction that the city of Halifax is looking to increase property taxes by 5.9%, and not the province. Additionally it has come to our attention that there hasn’t been any official conversations from the province on increasing the land transfer tax. That was hearsay and that was our mistake for putting the cart before the horse.

Intro - 0:00

Pat Mcafee $30M Deal - 3:50

Devices Are Listening to Us - 14:20

Elon's Neuralink Chip Implants - 17:35

Government Spending and Inflation - 30:10

Halifax Real Estate Issues - 39:10

Vax Pass Crackdown - 47:18