March 21, 2022

Is Social Media Being Weaponized?

Is Social Media Being Weaponized?

Social media has come to play a large role in our lives whether that building our businesses, connecting with loved ones, or passing time. With our attention on the digital world we talk how the Biden White House used influencers to spread mis-information about the current economic climate, and we explore the idea if China is using TikTok to manipulate behaviours of the west.

For today's Wild Card segment we talk about Josh's hilarious insider experiences working for Sears in its last days before closing their doors.

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Intro - 00:00

Biden Hiring TikTokers - 8:30

Andrew Schulz TikTok Theory - 16:25

Saudi Arabia Considers accepting Yuan for oil - 33:00

Wild Stories from Sears - 42:00


Biden Hiring TikTok Stars 

Saudi accepting Yuan

Andrew Schulz on TikTok