Aug. 15, 2022

Is there a Fix for Healthcare?

We can all see what the issues are in our healthcare system whether it be long wait times at the hospital, lack of family care physicians, ambulance shortages and so on. This week we bring on Reg Manzer who worked in Healthcare for 5 years and who challenges Josh & Dalton on what they believe the solution could be. We talk a variety of issues that affect Canadians, Nova Scotians, as well as Haligonians. We even expose Reg to his first experience of consuming Alex Jones’ content, and chat the FBI raid on Mar-a-lago just for kicks. It’s a loaded 2 hour episode full of great debate, ideas, and laughs.



Intro - 00:00

Healthcare problems  - 06:00

How much would you pay in taxes? - 29:00

Trains in the HRM - 38:50

Affordable housing - 56:00

Global Shapers Community 1:14:10

Alex Jones - 1:30:00

Trump gets raided 1:40:25

TikTok and Children on social media 1:45:05