Aug. 29, 2022

Is War Coming to Canadian Farmers?

Is War Coming to Canadian Farmers?

The Canadian government have been stepping up their enforcement of limiting emissions, and have started measuring nitrogen levels on farm lands without the approval of the owners. The Saskatchewan government has taken exception and warned federal agents that they must stop. Additionally we talk massive corporations buying up more real estate, Bank of Canada gaslighting Canadians about inflation, and the province of Ontario implementing crypto limits to “protect” the investor. There’s a lot of info we have loaded to chat about and we’re happy to have you!  

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Blackstone $50B Real Estate Fund - 4:55 

Saskatchewan issues warning for federal employees - 16:45 

Bank of Canada is gaslights Canadians about Inflation - 37:05  

Ontario imposes crypto limits - 46:10 

Assassination attempt gone wrong? - 53:05 

Dan Price Allegations - 59:00