Sept. 26, 2022

People are Petty

People are Petty

To our fellow maritimers we hope you are safe and the Hurricane didn’t leave you stranded! This week we talk a myriad of random topics. We discuss fighters raging against UFC sponsors for not getting paid enough, political disagreements leading to serious violence in the streets, people being upset for Trudeau singing, and lastly we address how fake news is being spread via TikTok and how to combat against it. Pettiness is everywhere and we address it all this week.


Intro - 00:00  

UFC Sponsor Mess - 17:37 

Murder based on political beliefs - 31:30 

Fake News on TikTok - 46:47  

Trudeau Singing- 1:00:15 

The End of ArriveCan - 1:06:00 

Hocus Pocus is Garbage - 1:09:10