Feb. 28, 2022

Restrictions are being LIFTED! w/ Kris Versteeg

Restrictions are being LIFTED! w/ Kris Versteeg

This week we are joined by 2-time Stanley Cup Champion Kris Versteeg to talk how he and his co-founders got their new business Klevr off the ground, and challenges they’ve faced. We also chat a little bit of hockey, but also A LOT of what has gone on in our country the past 2 years and his view point on restrictions being lifted across Canada.

Klevr - www.Klevr.ai

A platform that enables coaches and parents to instantly share short video clips with their athletes.

Kris Versteeg - https://www.instagram.com/stigalicious/


Intro - 00:00

Thoughts on NS Reopening - 01:25

Kris Versteeg and Klevr - 19:10

Developing Klevr - 23:15

The Klevr Annotation process - 28:15

Transitioning from pro sports to business - 32:40

Monetizing Klevr - 34:35

Do the competitive aspects of hockey translate to business - 37:05

Pro Hockey vs retirement - 39:35

Raising young athletes during a pandemic - 44:15

Experiencing the Trucker Protest - 50:55

What happens once we reopen? - 53:05

What  were you not expecting after winning the stanley cup? - 1:00:45

Closing thoughts - 1:02:50