May 2, 2022

What Kind of Business Do I Start!?

What Kind of Business Do I Start!?

This week we discuss a popular question we’ve received from our listeners of “How do I build a business?”. And to go deeper on that we discuss the question of “how do I know what business I want to start?”. Some very legitimate questions! We go into details of business ideas to think of, how to execute, and where to go for additional help.

Additionally we discuss the huge face plant of CNN+ and the next big business moves we expect from Elon Musk. We hope this week’s episode brings you incredible value this week.

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Intro & Advice - 00:00

Entrepreneur Josh Richards - 21:38

Two Young entrepreneurs - 26:12

CNN+ Disaster - 30:30

Elon Musk Purchases Twitter - 38:20

Pierre Poilievre goes wild - 52:06