Aug. 16, 2021

What's Holding Women Back in Business?

What's Holding Women Back in Business?

We know the title is going to spark one of two different reactions. One being: "This is awesome! I totally relate and want to know more!" and the other: "Great...another pseudo political episode about something that may not be true." We empathize with both reactions as they are valid in their own ways. Paul does a fantastic job at addressing and navigating the tension on such a topic as we use the book he co-wrote with Holly Catalfamo ("The Invisible Rules: What's really holding women back in business - and how to fix it.") as a pre-text for this conversation. 

The book focuses on the perspective of 50 women in C-Level positions and we hear their story on what life was like on their way to the top. We promise that no matter where you fall on this important issue that you will leave with valuable lessons learned. 

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