Jan. 30, 2023

Will ChatGPT Ruin or Repair our Society?

Will ChatGPT Ruin or Repair our Society?

In this week's episode we go over the recent rise of ChatGPT and the impacts that it might have on society. We discuss the fundamental flaws that are prevalent in today's school system as well as the lack of transparency from the Canadian Government.   


Intro - 00:00 

How we Use ChatGPT - 07:35 

Volta Seceding office space - 24:45 

Craziness of ChatGPT - 31:10 

Education Needs To Be Changed - 46:15 

The Importance of Role Models - 01:02:15 

Another Interest Rate Increase - 01:11:55 

CRA in Shambles - 01:21:00 

NSCAD Hiring Controversy - 01:35:25  


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