Aug. 8, 2022

World War 3: Is it Really Happening?!

World War 3: Is it Really Happening?!

Did House Speaker Nancy Pelosi just trigger potential World War 3 with China and Russia?! What a wild week of stuff to catch up on including into Israel limiting fiat currency in favour of digital, Robinhood being the latest major tech company to layoff employees, and is PEI re-establishing their Covid provincial borders?   We know this week’s list of topics is on the heavier side so we were sure to complete the show on a lighter note.

Sources Used: 

PEI Re-Establishing Provincial Borders?   

Israel Begins to Curb Cash?   

Pelosi goes to Taiwan   

John Kirby - National Security Spokesperson says:  

Russia vows to fight with China




Intro - 00:00

PEI Re-Establishing COVID Borders? - 5:00

Robinhood layoffs - 10:10

Israel puts the breaks on cash - 28:50

Pelosi in Taiwan - 34:50

TikToks that made us laugh - 49:40