Oct. 3, 2022

World War 3 May Have Begun

World War 3 May Have Begun

Big things have taken place this week! First we talk the clean up and rebuild post Hurricane Fiona hitting Atlantic Canada, and our government's response to it. We address Italy electing a nationalist leader, the destruction of the Nord Stream Pipeline in the Baltic Sea, and lastly we chat the province of Alberta demanding the RCMP ignore the Trudeau government's gun ban. There is so much going on internationally, but as well as here within our own border in Canada, and we cover it all!  

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Intro and Hurricane Fiona Retrospective - 00:00 

Fisheries & Oceans - 13:10 

The new Dahmer Netflix show - 19:10 

Did Italy just elect a Far Right Extremist? - 25:15 

Was Destruction of the Nord Stream Pipeline Deliberate? - 36:00 

Alberta ignores Gun regulations - 49:30 

Amazons new robot assistant - 1:10:00