May 23, 2022

You Converted 95% of your Money into Bitcoin?!

You Converted 95% of your Money into Bitcoin?!

This week we had the privilege of having the hosts of the Go Full Crypto Podcast Keegan and Mrugakshee on with us. They are a unique couple who decided to turn 95% of their cash assets into Bitcoin and live strictly off of Crypto currency. We go deep into their story, what inspired that journey, and how the regular person can educate themselves and get started in Bitcoin. It’s an hour full of great insight and we’re sure you’ll get great value from it.

The Go Full Crypto Podcast with Mrugakshee and Keegan 

Episode #1780 with Naajid Nawaz from the JRE Podcast

Intro - 00:00

What does Going Full Crypto look like? - 02:04

Why invest in crypto? - 18:00

Why Bitcoin? - 29:22

Is your money really yours? - 33:24

XRP & Ripple Labs  - 48:31

CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currency) - 58:50